December 28, 2016


A brief primer on what to expect at TEDxMorristown:

Q1.) How long is the event? Answer – that depends on the line up, number of speakers and venue. We’re scheduled for attendees to arrive between 1-1:45 with the event kicking off at 1:45. TEDxMorristown for 2017 will have 7-8 speakers, and at least 2 TED videos, plus several refreshment breaks. That is one of the reasons we want people to apply and commit to the event.

Q2.) Can anyone be a speaker? How are speakers chosen? Answer – Yes, just about anyone can be a TEDx speaker, with a few significant caveats. TED holds us to a very high standard when it comes to our event, it’s content, speakers, and even topics. If you think you have an “idea worth sharing”, let us know when you apply to attend. We’re always looking for fresh speakers, new ideas, and passionate people who want to change the world, or just some small part of it.

Q3.) Why is there a host? Answer – Like any other event of this nature, a host or MC is a critical component of keeping the event moving, maintaining time schedules, keeping the whole ball rolling forward smoothly. Every TED and TEDx event has a host/MC.

Q4.) How long are talks? Answer – TED prescribes that talk be no longer than 20-22 minutes, with most in the 12-18 minute range after editing.

Q5.) What is the theme for TEDxMorristown? Answer – There is none! TED also prescribes that TEDx events like our are not thematic. TED stands for “Technology, Entertainment and Design”, so we’re always looking for a broad base of people and topics to reflect the diverse nature and needs of our own vibrant community. We’ve had authors and scientists, and advocates and dancers and thinkers and musicians and more. This year will be no different.

Q6.) Is seating assigned? Answer – No. But get your tickets early and arrive early to get the best seats!

Q7.) Where is the event? Answer – This year’s event is being held at the Bickford Theatre in Morristown, NJ. A great venue.

Q8.) How many tickets can I buy? Answer – As many as you’ll use.

Q9.) Are tickets refundable? Answer – No. We’re asking for your commitment to our community and event.

More will be added as we get closer and get your feedback!